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Herts Couples Therapy

Behavioural Couples Therapy



Hi! I'm Dan, and I'm a BABCP Accredited Behavioural Couples Therapist. 

I help couples with a wide range of difficulties that include: improving poor communication, increasing relationship satisfaction, issues with physical intimacy, and overcoming infidelity.  

My approach is fair and empathic, but also practical. My aim is to give you and your partner the tools you need to improve and build your relationship to your ideal.




Counselling sessions helped me to improve my communication, self confidence and self acceptance for strengthening my relationship.

It was a great pleasure to work with Daniel who is very professional and friendly. The help that I received from him is exceptional. I would highly recommend Herts Therapy to anyone who is struggling with relationships issues.


Dan really tried to get to know us .

It wasn't purely goal oriented, (ie 'what do you want to achieve').

It was much more well rounded.


Working with Dan has been extremely progressive. Dan takes the time to work almost as part of a team with you and your partner, understanding each persons wants and needs, and then over time is able to support communication within the relationship, gradually taking a step away as you both gain confidence. The whole experience isn’t overwhelming (something I was nervous about in the beginning) and very much goes at the pace necessary for the couple.

Thanks again Dan!

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